oks um yeahs kickball kickball 30ith of september for jermiahs b day and whats not then … boxing this year on the 28ith of october … followed up by a friends giving on the 18ith of november … give me ideas and whats nots on if yall wanna do it or whats ever … and sir stevo when is yous gonna be arriving in the great alabama um so aybe we can plan a something caping trip or soethingu yall thinsk about it and fill in my blanks i dont know if i missed anything i dont  have anything planned for the big robinsky either but i dont know if any oine is up fors it lets e know !im outs

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  1. Seriously, whoever sent Billy those Alice Cooper CD’s needs to die now.

  2. vlad the impaler says:

    Brad, Beelzebub spoke with me earlier and I’m to inform you on a meeting of the damned at the 1st methodist church of christ on all hallows eve. We’ll have razor rice kripie treats along with the usual arsenic dipped caramel apples, if you have any other ideas just contact Bartleby.

  3. Brad the Inhaler says:

    Robin told me you’re lying, Stephen.

  4. fignuton says:

    lol well im happy to say i think that i now if i didnt already hold the post with the most commentsand stephen i love you

  5. as much as it pains me to comment on this entry, here’s the plan: i get in town shortly after christmas and leave early on january sixth. some plan, huh/

    btw, i invented xaggot, but now regret not publishing my findings.

  6. vlad the impaler says:

    ha xaggot

  7. Brad the Inhaler says:

    Look, did we just break the comments record. . .or the faggot record?

    Xack? More like Xaggot.

  8. fignuton says:

    look i not a big white snake fan but i know jere iah or brittany will take it off your hands

  9. xack symnz says:

    I might have to miss giving you your insulin for 3 days

  10. fignuton says:

    i might have to miss the first 3 dyas or so of you being in town

  11. A little bit after Christmas until the sixth of January, I think. I will verify later.

  12. Brad the Inhaler says:

    Stephen’s a faggot–the inhaler speaks!

  13. fignuton says:

    how long are you in town for stephen>/

  14. i am thinking about 2ish or whatever. we can meet up earlier or what not. its all good.

  15. fignuton says:

    this is ramon, I’ll be there. Just saw brandon’s computer up and had never been on here so decided to type it up.

  16. Scarry Jerry says:

    i am thinking about 2ish or whatever. we can meet up earlier or what not. its all good.

  17. Scarry Jerry says:

    i am thinking about 2ish or whatever. we can meet up earlier or what not. its all good.

  18. Samsonite says:

    To Xack: San Antonio is nice. I lived there for a couple of years back in the day. Too bad it’d be too cold for you to go to SEA WORLD!
    To Brandon: Yeah, I was at school when I typed that comment. Forgot that I needed to put my name down. I quit my job though! FINALLY!

  19. Brad the Inhaler says:

    Ya’ll niggaz make me ill! Open yo’ soul, sucka!

  20. the other anonymous says:

    i’ll be there for any/all events, just post the times. and ha, i thought that was jeremiah also.

  21. fignuton says:

    i dont know
    but whatever will be fine ill decide in a few days

  22. Jeremiah says:

    i love brandon. what time on the 30th or do i need to set a time????

  23. fignuton says:

    ha sam good one you made e think it was jere since he quit his job to hahahah fun fun

  24. xack symnz says:

    sorry guys…..ill be San antonio fro dec 20-28, its my father’s year for x-mas, so not sure how that affects things. Thanksgiving ill be in ohio again….man, being an immigrant suxorz

  25. Samsonite says:

    That was me above by the way.

  26. Anonymous says:

    As long as these events are on the weekend, I will be able to freakin attend. Seeing as how I’ve quit my job…

  27. freakin no, i will not be at boxing or friendsgiving. i will, however, be back in town around christmas.

  28. fignuton says:

    i guess this eans no one wants to do any of these events since no and i ean no one will say yes or freakin no

  29. Samsonite says:

    I just wrote a comment, but I don’t think it will show up. Therefore, I shall write it again. Robin! The portal was meant for only you to use! Perhaps Andrew can use it as well. I haven’t told him about it yet… Vlad, you ought to formerly introduce yourself to me sometime. With regard to the holidays, I’m ecstatic about Halloween coming up. Are you guys doin anything? The suggestion of dressing up as pirates was thrown out into the open a while ago.

  30. Robin Sulkosky says:

    He puts his pants on both legs at once–just like the impaler.

  31. vlad the impaler says:

    Indeed I found the portal. It’s actually known as “The Portal of Souls”. When an unsoul, such as myself takes the soul of a human and feels the souls strength isn’t quite enough to be worth while he/she can sacrafice the soul to “The Portal of Souls”. The portal allows an unsoul to flash in an instance from where they stand to “The Keep”, a safe zone. Due to the large quantity of will power this takes from an unsoul such as myself, we only use this trait when absoultely neccesary, for instance if in danger such as trapped at sunrise.

    Walking through the shadows of a foggy street a “young adult”, as he prefers to be known, Robin Sulkosky walks through his trailer park. Only to catch a glimpse of an awesomely chissled being walking to the strange structure resmebling a castle like building in a parking lot nearby. He follows with distance, careful not to be seen. The being steps down to the pit where he holds a young lady in his arms, as if they were making out. Robin gawks like a horny young boy watching his brother wear out some young poon tang. As he looks closer he realizes that there’s no love making of anysort going on, this being is tearing at the girls flesh with claws and RAZOR edge teeth, piercing holes with his extruded k-9s then tearing the flesh from meat with bare hands. Robin can’t look away, like a car crash you don’t want to watch but your eyes are focused far too well. In sheer ignorance Robin has an instantanious bright idea, if he’s feeding he must be a vampire, therefore a cross will burn him. Robin quickly gathers two sticks and wraps them together with some long grass growing from the unweedeated corners of the brick. He steps quietly into the pit, only to trip on his own, lazily, untied shoelace. The being turns and lingers over him almost as if at a hover. Robin quickly holds the his bootlegged cross in front his face, exactly the same as every vampire movie known to man……nothing. The being begins to laugh, so deep and dark. Suddenly the massive unsoul reaches and grabs the cross ever so quickly. At first touch the cross goes ablaze. Amazed Robin’s eyes are fixed on this creature’s face, cheek bones so braud and distinquished, eyes red yet at corners peek black, face so pail, temples deep but with rich veins, at his neck his jugulars massive much like a pro wrestler on steroids. Paying attention to all these keen details Robin fails to notice a smile on the beings face. At a moments notice a flash and the being is gone. Robin Sulkosky walks away unharmed, but why?

  32. Samsonite says:

    As long as I’m not in class those days, and I get the day off of work (which I usually have no problem with), I’m good with whatever.

  33. Robinsky says:

    Vlad’s found the portal! But yeah, is anyone else sick of this fig fellow jumping in on the conversation? I mean, get a life. I’d like to do something during the holidays, but my stupid time is stupidly limited.

  34. Jeremiah says:

    i am loving this post’s comments very much so. indeed i am hahaha. rofl. i really did almost fall out of the chair. ahahahahahah…hahahahahaha

  35. vlad the impaler says:

    if sunlight is at a minimum i vlad would gladly come take part in any and all events. by the way samsonite, i see you right now.

  36. Personally, I’m up for camping. But, for reasons mentioned elsewhere, that seems an impossibility this upcoming holiday season and another, more suitable activity must be planned in its place.

  37. fignuton says:

    um so this was to see if any9ne wnated to do any of these things but yet no onew has even said if they wanted to or not! u yeah i would liek those answers

  38. Samsonite says:

    i find it funny that you can imagine me at all. you’ve never seen me before…or have you? if not, i wonder what you imagine me to be like.

  39. vlad the impaler says:

    I can’t imagine you doing so, however I can imagine each and every other individual and unsoul here on waterblogged lining up and smacking you across the forehead one by one for encouraging “Jeremiah’s behaviour”.

  40. xack symnz says:

    ‘that’ is highly encouraged

  41. Samsonite says:

    i meant it as no encouragement. it was more like a personal smack to the forehead, squinting my eyes, and thinking…”what the…” if you could visualize me doing that anyway.

  42. Robinsky says:

    They call it “Jeremiah’s behaviour” in England.

  43. I normally show up in Alabama around 2 AM December 27th.

    BTW, I adult, I adult.

  44. xack symnz says:

    sam, please don’t encourage jeremiah’s behavior

  45. vlad the impaler says:

    the female known to the world as “juice”/”jessica” is obviously a partner to one brandon preston of millbrookington, one of many partners i do suppose, however i may be mistaken and she may be an only, which seems much more prabable. it’s obvious as well, that this one jeremiah dykes cares very little for this female, why has he not hired an unsoul to be rid of her? does he know not where to find an unsoul perhaps? or are these hateful feelings towards her simply false? i believe truth be told, he hates her deep inside, but do to the fact its a friends girlfriend he doesn’t want to create a scene. It’s All In The Mind, You Know. These things you call love, hate, anger, aggression, etc. Whether you’d like to admit it or not, you want to feel angry sometimes, and you want to feel sad sometimes, tears and fists are just a cover up to make you look like you aren’t enjoying the way you feel. By the way, I kid, I kid.

  46. Samsonite says:

    jere, you crack me up. cahrazy!

  47. Jeremiah says:

    well thats good jessica cause as i remember it is my party and its funny, i don’t remember inviting you. hahahaha i love this life of mine. making fun of my friends girlfriends and all that shit. hahahaha i’m lovin it!! WHAT??? McDonalds?? WHAT??? oh and J-ka just dickin with you. you know what tho J-ka, i no longer hate you, nor do i love you. its just kinda bla now. maybe one day you will work up to the love thing…but not now. oh wait i forgot!!! i’m an asshole. hahahaha. much love tho. i’m just sayin…i’m just sayin. that one was for my buddy ramon. peace out NIGGAS!!

  48. Jessica says:

    Ugh! Brandon! I will not be here on the 30th of Sept. or the 28th of Oct. (oh and i am taking evan with me on the 28th) love ya, juice