whatever happens happens one of the funniest things billy ever said happened day after gurney cottin gin burned down me and bj found him and he looked us both dead int he face and said ” if we get caught ill take the heat” love it think about it on the daily work and plenty of it evan is great his other has given me right to clai him from here on  out but i dont have full custody its just now my responsability to get him insurance and takre care of him for the majority of the time i think i a nice guy but in all reality im a jerk i hurt way to many people will i ever change that prolly not but i cant help it tiling has got easier but i still enjoy roofing more i miss bowling all the time and stoppinghasnt saved me any money i dont see why we as people dont make ore time for the ones we care for i a a coplete jackass i wish this stupid “m” key worked cause im not gonna go back and add it in all the places it skipped yspace is a waste of time but hey i got addicted to tibia so i dont have any room to talk drinking is even more retarded then my space povin packing your sausage flogging the dolphin ha i shouldnt still feel this lonely should i have you ever just wished you would have waited a little longer on someone or something or do you ever feel like a prick for rushing some one or soething can you really knock a sleeping cow over i hate beig broke one of the funniest things evan has done since hes been home we were at a soft ball gae and we were in the blechers and there was a girl standing behind us and he turned to her and said hey you sit down  and she said is that a demand or a request and he goes no its a chair now sit down ha good stuff so news to some im not single i stil attending church on the regular is jeremiah ever gonna go thru ont eh reason he says he quit ups or is he gonna be an idiot and go work in the halloween store what a nub i hate when i feel like the quote i say i dont know if i ade it but i liek it game over you suck at life  that feeling sucks i waste to uch time picture wall is coing along asid;uhwr;ighewriuewh well i getting ore and more grrrd the longwer i sit here so yeash whos a ma whats a fa to yalls ands ill talk more later sorry about al the missing m’s and for all the peoples that im an asshole to dont take it to far to the heart  much love figsnuton out

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  4. fignuton says:

    oh yeah i single again !!

  5. vlad the impaler says:

    next time i see her remind me to eat her heart and rid the world of such an obnoxious soul

  6. Jessica says:

    Awww….Thanks Brandon for talking about me. lol not j/p I love ya! ~jessica~

  7. vlad the impaler says:

    In the midst of the nites i hear your child screaming for his father, looking through your window pain i realize you’re directly in front of his face. Tis no curese this child has, but a gift. He see’s man’s mistake, and the downfall of the U.N.. He see’s nightwalkers taking advantage of the ignorance of man. He see’s what is to become of him, he see’s a soulless figure starting a new era for the unmankind. As for the cows, yes you can tip them in there sleep, i do it to cure boredom, it takes about four unbeings and the cow tends to crush its ribs on the fall, numerous cows actually die from it, THIS IS A FACT.

  8. Samsonite says:


    I don’t think you’re a jerk; you’ve never been a jerk to me anyway.
    Evan is totally adorable. What a cutie!
    Did I misread your post, or did you say you are now NOT single?

  9. xack symnz says:

    i mean….was it a joke…err…..

  10. Jeremiah says:

    maybe its cause of all the periods and commas in all your posts. hahaha brandon’s house=my house. maybe i’ll oneday i will explain that to you brandon. hahaha. love you guy.

  11. fignuton says:

    what about them !!! i donts see whats so great i mean i see you laughing i just dont know why ..

  12. Robinsky says:

    Love your posts.