at my place tomorrow.
this post is mostly for robin, but if any of the rest of you happen to be around, we are having a val kilmer movie marathon at our apartment tomorrow. bring it.

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  1. hailevb says:

    1. he played batman already once, don’t know if that would be a factor.
    2. that isn’t a current picture. as a matter of fact he is gigantically fat these days. you should google him. its pretty surprising.
    3. who would want to reprise that role after heath ledger’s performance? not i.

  2. stevn says:

    i never thought of that.

  3. Cody says:

    Just by looking at this picture I think Val might have a shot at pulling of the Joker in Batman III

  4. hailevb says:

    yeah it was one of the movies i used to watch all the time at my nana’s house growing up. i always had a crush on kurt russell-think it was the mullet.

  5. Sean says:

    Ha ha, overboard was an awesome movie! It reeks of childhood.

  6. hailevb says:

    what’s that stupid movie samuel l. jackson made with bernie mack recently? that should definitely go on your list sean. i think we are doing kurt russell next-with “overboard” and “escape from new york” topping the list.

  7. Sean says:

    I have often wanted a Jackson-Thon. I am also open to suggestions for this. Snakes on a Plane and Pulp Fiction are already on the list.

  8. Anonymous says:

    How about Batman Forever?

  9. stevn says:

    The Saint?

  10. Robin Sulkosky says:


  11. hailevb says:

    so far we have real genius, top gun, tombstone, the doors, and ghost in the darkness. its gonna be badass.

  12. Cody says:

    what ever do you mean stephen?

  13. stevn says:

    Deja Vu – don’t watch that one.

  14. xacksymnz says:

    The Doors! DO THAT ONE! I wont be there, though. Still a good movie.

  15. stevn says:

    That’s awesome. I like the beach volleyball scene in Top Gun.

  16. Robin Sulkosky says:

    This concept cracks me up. Will you be showing Real Genius?