Well then, not quite sure what Im going to write about.

Currently I am sitting in the computer room at my school, fighting off the sleep that I didnt get lastnight. I fear I will lose this battle and be forced into a world of slumber. Can’t say I wouldnt enjoy it though. The lack of sleep is starting to get to me. Though Im not seeing Chuck Norris in my bathroom mirror yet, but someday I hope to be as cool as Robin and acomplish this.

You may be wondering why I have time to write an entry while I am at school. Well we had a breakfast for the big wigs that work for the school, again. We had plenty of time to do the schedualed chapter assignment but I guess the Chefs just didnt want to today. We are working on wild game in the lab today. I have the pleasure of cooking with Dove. Im looking forward to it, not having ever eaten Dove I am expecting great things….but….only if I cook it right. I guess I could be in the kitchen right now doing that…but Im not really schedualed to do my lab until 1:30, but Chef Cawley said we could do ours whenever we wanted to today so Im gonna take my time and wait for the kitchen to clear out a bit so there arent so many people.

After over a week of being a lazy ass I finally went jogging again lastnight. Did 2 miles with Steve and Bill. I have to say after having not jogged for over a week I did rather well even though it sucked hardcore. We then made our way to the Steak n Shake (where all your dreams come true) and I made Master Billy a delightful mixed garden salad with a garnish of tomatoes and a large portion of diced turkey and bacon. It was then topped with shredded cheese and smothered in Blue Cheese dressing….now doesnt that sound delicious. (wow Im gay) Yeah…I made Steve a milk shake….greedy bastard….lol Im just kidding Steve I love you man. I made Dr. Stephen a wonderful Chocolate and Banana side by side milk shake. Made with real ice cream and delicious shake syrups. Topped with whipped cream and a Maraschino cherry. Doesnt that make your mouth water? Then who would you guess would show up? None other than the great Jeremiah who ordered a Strawberry milk shake….in a bowl…why he wanted it in a bowl, Ill never know.

I had water….you guys are so unhealthy.

After GORGING ourselfs we made our way to Wal Mart for our usual round of airhockey. But wait…who’s this? WHY…its none other than our dear co-worker and friend (also circus acrobat) April Holley!! Yes, she joined us for a round or two of airhockey. Where she kicked my ASS…but with grace and style. After having worked with the greatest of acrobats in the world…how could she not have. I watched in aw as she did a triple summersault in mid-game and she landed on her right elbow and still managed to hit in the puck before I could block it…
wow, what a crock of shit…
Yeah we had a great time, then we went out to my car in the parking lot where we listened to M.S.I. and played hacky sack until the mean old man driving in the security truck made us leave the parking lot. He drove by us once and didnt say anything. He was obvioulsy distracted by April’s beautiful slender body…but this time, he must not have seen her because he made us leave. But it was good anyway, because I was almost out past my curfew. Why the hell do I still have a curfew anyway? Bloody parents, oh well. Well Im rather tired, I think Ill be taking a nap in the computer room before I complete my lab.
So until next time, fairwell.

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  2. I have wondered occasionally what Andrew’s post title was referring to and any implications it may have had.

  3. Robinsky says:

    Chuck Norris couldn’t survive in a filthy mirror, my good man. Nice intentions, but: Chuck Norris lives in my showerhead.

  4. Andrew says:

    Xack, when will you learn…I will ALWAYS be better than you at steak n slave desserts, because you sir dont know the first thing about being a slave. (or cooking).Love you man, oh, BTW how are things going for you?
    Aril, yes you are quite talented…in more ways Im sure than Ill ever know. But we shall meet again, on the battle field, and your ass will be the one kicked. "THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE!" *Thunder clashes*

  5. April says:

    Yes, I do have many talents… Oh, and I’m good at air hockey. Sorta. Maybe. Okay, not really. But I still kicked your ass!!!

  6. Xack de la Luna says:

    youll never be as good as me when it comes to steak n slave desserts, you sick, sad, culinary madman.