I would normally not give reason to a post, but to this, I make an exception. I felt like writing and I hoped to do so in a simplified and refined manner. I don’t have much of an outline for it. This post is dedicated, as modest as it is, to my good buddy, Robin Sulkosky. Who enjoys puns, such as, Bilbo Bloggins1.
  Robin simply cannot get enough of helping me out. Robin, could you please thoroughly check the paragraph encapsulated in hypens (—)? I would appreciate it greatly. A specific question I ask is whether I have used italics correctly or no? If you can’t, that’s Old Kinderhooker2.

  Today was rather hustle and bustle; I was late for every agenda on my schedule. I learned a significant amount of data on music and the guitar. Specifically, a bit on how to read music. (Hailey, don’t hate me. Love me.) I met Billy and Justina at Wal*Mart in the afternoon. They truly are delightful together. Billy seems happy around her and Justina seems very comfortable, herself, and just as happy with Billy. I root for them. Someone’s gotta win this game, anyway.
  I saw so many people I recognized today and I had just been wondering what it would be like to see people that you knew in every one that you saw. It is a little depressing. I guess it is kind of like being a celebrity but backwards. Or, not to be blasphmeous, God.

  As of late, my best friend, Sean Uranga, has been trying to help me out — with my greatest aspiration (which shall remain un-named). That thing you do, Sean, wooo… Thanks (although I think it impossible). He also recently presented me with a gift, Zorro, The Gay Blade! Nearly completing my DVD collection of favorite comedies. Which thus far includes Young Frankenstein, Kung-Pow: Enter the Fist3, and Zorro, The Gay Blade, as I recollect. I think aquiring the first Pink Panther movie will complete it. But enough of this luxury.

  I need to think things out a bit. How to live life and what-not. The things that are important to me and the things that must be done to achieve my goals. There are just so many ways of doing things, so many ways to interpret things, so many things to be done. “What is a boy to do?” What is an appropriate balance? What and who is worth knowing? How should I be spending my time? What should I be doing for myself and for others? Not that any of this is new for anyone, myself included. Oh, what to do.

  Finding a way to finance DigiPen is bothersome, to purposely understate. Estimating, the whole #!4 will cost around $100,000 for total educational and living expenses. I think I will be paying debtors for some time.
  I will be leaving to visit DigiPen on Wednesday at 4 AM or so. I think. If I should perish, losing all my stomach, so long. It’s been a pleasure, really.5

1The original pun was actually Frodo Bloggins, but on second thought, I thought Bilbo Bloggins, as a consonant, sounded better. Although, I do like the Elijah Wood imagery associated with the former.
3Graciously given to me by my jog-buddy, Andrew. Look at that ass!
5Choose your own adventure!

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  1. moda says:

    After his death, the business was successfully carried on by his three sons.

    They are going to almost any extent to look good and attractive.
    The cable breaking system is also new feature added to the line of
    three wheel strollers.

  2. Un-named, however belatedly this correction is, is incorrect.

  3. wolfwood says:

    hmmm… I don’t understand why those movies would’t be on your list, or that your personal list would not be a carbon copy of mine… you need to watch those movies.

  4. Robin, un-named is incorrect then?

    wolfwood, Princess Bride and Office Space are two of my favorite movies of all time. But to me, they don’t quite fit. Princess Bride is more romance/adventure esque in my eye, and movies like Office Space and Meet the Parents hit too close to home (although being hilarious, I find them painful to watch at times). I have yet to see the other movies you have mentioned. I forgot to add Zoolander to the list. Lastly, the list is displayed with the understanding that it a personal list and not a listing of every great comedy ever made.

  5. wolfwood says:

    Those are great movies, but a few really great ones seam to be missing… Princes Bride? Rushmore? Office Space? Better Off Dead? Real Genuis? The Big Lebowski?

  6. Robinsky says:

    I’m still an undergraduate, so your confidence in me is inspiring. The italics were right because they were movie titles, no big deal. Nice touch with the asterisk between "Wal" and "Mart."

    But seriously, what happens to Bilbo Bloggins when he realizes that the Hyphenated Dwarves have come to wreak havoc on his pleasant paragraph?!